Should Anyone Be Concerned about Secondhand Vaping Fumes?

We know that there are some considerable dangers of secondhand smoke to bystanders around those who smoke. In fact, the secondhand smoke can actually be more harmful to them than the primary smoke inhalation is to the user. That’s because it reaches them in an unfiltered state.

Is it reasonable then to assume that vaporizers or e-cigs would create similarly harmful fumes, vapors or smoke to those who are standing nearby? This is the question many anti-vaping organizations and activists are asking. They assume there is some danger to being near a vaping person, but the truth is that they are not sure.

It’s important to note that there is no smoke produced by vaporizers. In fact, they produce a vapor, as the name implies. So, there are no harmful carcinogens involved that would be a common part of any combusted materials. As a rule, vapor is much safer than smoke when inhaled, so we can already assume that vapors from an e-cig are safer than smoke from a cigarette. The question then is how much safer are they and is there any danger at all to those standing nearby.

We do know that there are some health risks to those who use e-cigarettes, only sell to visitors over the age of 18 and though as far as any studies have shown, it is far less than the dangers associated with smoking conventional cigarettes.

It is not as well known how dangerous the secondhand vapors are or if they are dangerous at all. There have been some studies done, and nothing definitive was confirmed. In other words, no concrete dangers were found, but the researchers tended to assume that there were some dangers, and the studies have been written off as inconclusive. Scientists are still looking for proof of health hazards associated with inhaling secondhand vapors from e-cigs, and they probably will continue to do so until they find something there, since much of this research is being funded by organizations that are intent on proving the evil of vaping.

E-Cigarette vs cigarette

There has been some disputable evidence found of potential dangers to those inhale the vapors secondhand. Some of the same chemicals and particles found in the directly inhaled vapor are present in the secondhand vapor, but they are in such small quantities that it is impossible to tell yet whether they are harmful. After all, we inhale dangerous chemicals and toxins all the time, but they tend to be in very small amounts, and we often don’t even notice them. It could very well be the same case with e-cig vapor, but until further research is done, we won’t know for sure. So, at this point we just know that there are some potentially harmful things floating around in the vapor, but we don’t know if the quantities in which they are present is enough to cause any health issues.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and keep e-cig vapors away from small children and pregnant or nursing mothers, as well as the elderly and infirm. In other words, anyone who is at risk for being harmed by very small quantities of toxins should be kept out of range of e-cig smoke until the level of danger can be accurately determined. We don’t know for sure when that will be, but further research is being done, and it’s likely that we will find out eventually. Until that happens, though, e-cigs are likely to continue to be banned from public spaces, just because of the potential for harm, and there may not be a lot that can be done about that.

To answer the question originally posited: no, it doesn’t appear like you need to be concerned about seconded e-cig vapor, but you still need to exercise due caution and keep it away from anyone who could be at risk.